Building static blog/website using Hugo

Recently i have set-up this blog using Hugo. I was able to do it over a weekend. It was a fun & rewarding experience. If you are interested in setting up a static blog/website all you have to do is follow these 6 simple steps

1) Select your theme

Hugo has a wide variety of themes to select from. Pick your favorite here

2) Setting it up locally

Follow the quick start guide here

3) Customise your theme

  • Go to your theme page []
  • Click on Homepage button, that will take you to github page of the link
  • Github repo should have all the necessary documentation for enabling/disabling various options and customizing the theme according to your need.

4) Hosting and deployment

  • Once everything is working locally, its time to deploy.
  • There are various options for deploying your website, I choose to do so via github using github user pages
  • Github allows free hosting of static pages and provides custom domain for the same (
  • Follow this link for details of set-up with github user pages
  • Congrats!, you now have your website up and running at (

5) Using a personal domain

  • If you want to use a personal domain for e.g (, instead of (

  • Then you have to buy a custom domain name via any domain name provider like godaddy or namecheap

  • I ended up buying mine via godaddy

6) Setting up personal domain with github pages

  • This could have been tricky and little time consuming but then i stumbled upon a great post written by Kirsten Swanson
  • Here is the post to set-up GoDaddy domain with GitHub pages
  • Incase, you have bought your domain via other provider, you can easily find similar post to configure github pages.

Well that's it. You now have your personal blog/website up and running with the domain name of your choice. If you face any problems or have any doubts/suggestions feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

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